Call For Peers at CCCamp2019 will be present at CCCamp2019. As part of our mission to do weird useless shit with networks, we'll be setting up an exclusive, one-in-a-kind[1], four day Internet Exchange.

If you want to peer through us with other camp participants (and you should) and have your own ASN and IP space (and you should), please bring the following with you to Ziegeleipark Mildenberg:

Setting up IRR entries

Please set up IRR entries accordingly ahead of time. We'll be doing fully automatic filter generation on our route servers. Amongst others, please ensure that:

The last import/export entries are to prove ownership of your ASN and willingness to participate in the IXP. For an example, see AS204880. We will not allow for transitive prefixes from your downstream customers (eg, prefixes must be with an AS path equal to [ <your-as> * N ] and have to have correspondent route objects referencing your AS.

We're working on setting up near-instaneous filter generation from the RIPE IRR. For other RIRs, we'll likely have to set things up manually - get in touch to express interest in joining from AfriNIC/APNIC/LACNIC/ARIN.

Upstream connectivity & full routing table

We're figuring things out with c3noc. In a best case scenario, all IXP members can be part of the AS-CCC-EVENT AS set and c3noc's respective upstreams can announce your prefixes to the world.

In the worst case, c3noc/AS13020 will just be an IXP participant and you'll get routing to the camp network.


In case of any questions, please contact us at

We'll update this page with additional details as we know anything - location, technical details, etc. You can also follow us on Twitter.

[1] - Yes Benjojo, we know about EMF-IX. That was cool and all. But was your IXP in splash damage distance from a bar?